How to translate AMR awareness into decisive strategies and efficient solutions

February 16, 2024

The European AMR Patient Group is delighted to have received the opportunity to share and advocate for the empowerment of AMR patients and their early involvement in the development of concrete, suitable, and efficient solutions to fight against antimicrobial resistance in Europe.

With our efforts, we aim to address the gap in awareness about the danger of antibiotic misuse and the lack of effective infection prevention measures, as highlighted in the article by Global Cause UK on How to Translate AMR Awareness into Decisive Strategies and Efficient Solutions.

As the AMR Patient Group, we demand clear governance arrangements and actionable initiatives to spread awareness and improve prevention and control measures, along with encouraging investment in new antibiotics and medical technologies. Decision-makers should commit to addressing the daily risks patients across all of Europe face from resistant microbes, as AMR knows no borders. To do so, we fully support the One Health approach, which embraces a holistic health perspective spanning human, animal, and environmental health.

Special thanks to Menarini Group for the opportunity to provide our support in raising awareness about the AMR silent pandemic and the impact of antibiotic resistance on patients and their loved ones.